The Black Lotus

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The story

A few years ago...

It all started in August 2013. By studying images produced by NASA, Professor Jonathan Bamber makes with unexpected repercussions: the longest canyon on the surface of the Earth! Undiscovered until then, this impressive fault line is situated in Greenland, under a huge ice cap.

6 months later, an international team is set up on site to undertake drilling operations of an unprecedented scale. Based on state-of-the-art technology, the progress was amazing. At the end of 2019, the depth record set in Russia by the “Kola Superdeep” was exceeded.

In March 2020, the drilling reached an absolute record: 13 km deep. But the world news was dominated by other news ... and this amazing achievement did not have the exposure it deserved.

An incredible discovery…

And yet ... Below the 13th kilometre, those in the know will tell you: the Earth hides an unexpected treasure, a discovery that can change the fate of mankind!

For months, isolated, researchers have been working hard on their mysterious secret, trying to protect it, but the information eventually filtered through to Group G, the association which brings together the greatest fortunes on the planet.

Given the opportunities this discovery represents, "G" used all its means - lobbies, negotiations and dollars - to secure all the benefits from the discovery, without any state intervention.

And now is the time to announce what will change the world, with an indubitable demonstration.

The symposium of hope 

To make its big announcement with a bang, "G" has decided to organize an exceptional symposium, aboard a liner that is no less exceptional, the famous Convivio*.

With 3,000 participants from all over the world, this will be the greatest scientific cruise of this new millennium. Given the scope of the project, the coordination of this event was awarded to fielddrive; specialists in amazing experiences.

All practical arrangements have been made with the relevant port authorities, and the Convivio's itinerary is already set; it will leave Barcelona on 13 January 2021 and end its journey in Miami on 26 January 2021, with 3 stopovers on the way.

Hope doesn’t only have friends…

Group G's announcement has raised many hopes, but it doesn’t meet everyone’s interest… that would be too easy.

Some businessmen have already noticed that there is too much friction within Group G to defend a common cause. Other observers have made it clear that numerous nations will not let Group G take over their political power.

In this sensitive context, fielddrive is using all means necessary to ensure the continuity of the symposium. In addition to the crew and the staff in charge of logistics, more than 100 cabins have been reserved to accommodate experienced inspectors who will be investigating under the leadership of Commissioner Ferdi Devil, the boss of Interpol.

Teams of 4 inspectors (called "brigades") will be responsible for carrying out the necessary checks and investigations to avoid any incidents between Barcelona and Miami.

Take a seat, the show is about to begin!

*The use of the name Convivio is entirely fictional and not associated with any products or services available.

What is The Black Lotus?

The Black Lotus is an online mystery team challenge running over 14 days (13 January 2021 to 26 Janaury 2021) and takes place onboard the Convivio cruise liner. Every 2 days teams will receive a new enigma to solve, ultimately leading to solving the mystery.

How can I take part?

It’s easy, just click on the sign-up button and register your team. Don’t worry if your team is not complete yet, you can register one person now and provide the details of others later on.

Is there a cost involved?

The participation is free of charge, but we welcome donations to a charity that we have selected. More details will follow.

Who is behind this project

This project was created by the team at fielddrive in collaboration with Michel Dablon (story writing), Phaedra Derhore (graphics) and Stacey Chan (proofreading and testing).

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